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Master of Science


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Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies (Social Sciences)

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Jennifer A. Margrett


Current literature on older adult care focuses on the burden of caregiving, predictors of institutionalization, caregiver impact on mental health, and usage of home and community-based care. However, gaps in literature exist regarding informal older adult caregivers' knowledge of home and community-based services and awareness of service availability in their community. The primary objective of this study was to test the efficacy of a one-session psychoeducational intervention for informal caregivers' of older Iowans aimed at increasing knowledge and awareness of long-term services and supports (LTSS) availability as well as caregiver feelings of preparedness. To conduct this study, a one-session psychoeducational workshop for caregivers was held in twelve communities across Iowa. Community organizations and faith-based groups were recruited to host each workshop, and the host organizations then recruited participants. The intervention workshop covered common caregiving concerns, locating resources locally, and designing a care plan. Results indicate that the intervention was effective in significantly improving caregivers' LTSS knowledge and awareness of availability. The intervention did have a positive effect for many caregivers in improving feelings of preparedness; however, the session was also associated with decreased self-efficacy for some caregivers. Age and education were related to caregiver outcomes and analyses suggest a more complex picture, particularly regarding self-efficacy. Further research specifically targeting underserved populations, as well as those in the early or pre-planning stages of caregiving, is needed to more fully understand prevention and intervention efforts aimed at enhancing care and improving caregivers' experiences.


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