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Master of Arts



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Volker Hegelheimer


Second language teaching tends to focus more on helping learners develop the productive language skills of speaking and writing (Takaesu, 2013; Vandergrift, 2003), while listening and reading, which are sometimes considered secondary skills, are often left out of the second language classroom even though they are essential skills in comprehending input and aid in the development of learners' productive skills (Takaesu, 2013). One way to address this issue of a lack of focus on listening skills is through self-directed learning with technology. This thesis investigates the effects of metacognitive strategy training on learners' self-directed use of TED Talk videos for English as a second language (ESL) listening. Findings indicate that after the metacognitive strategy session: learners were able to effectively use the TED Talk videos to increase understanding of a listening text; learners' metacognitive awareness was raised; and learners reported that the training session helped them to better understand how to improve their listening skills in a self-directed learning environment. Implications from the study suggest a need for equipping second language learners with the skills, tools, and strategies for language learning outside of the classroom context.

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