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Master of Fine Arts


Art and Design

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Chuck Richards


This thesis is the written component to the art exhibit "Women in Iran: Ancient History to Modern Times, and Back" which will take place in March 2015 at the Design on Main Gallery, Ames, Iowa.

This body of work explores issues of women in contemporary Iran. The topics range from personal freedom, gender equality, historical precedence, and the desire for peaceful change. The artwork uses multiple media, this including oil and acrylic on canvas, clay sculptures, digital illustration, pencil and paper, cardboard, pastel, and marker. Narrative and theatrical styles reach out to the viewer to draw their own conclusions based on the artist statement but without specific titles to color their perception.

This thesis documents the creation of the work through the intentions, experiences, and influences of the artist. The audience is encouraged to place themselves in a world most likely beyond anything they have imagined, a hypocritical dystopian dream of religious zealotry.

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Rahele Jomepour



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52 pages

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Fine Arts Commons