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Master of Fine Arts


Art and Design

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Cindy Gould


This document is the written component that accompanies the MFA thesis exhibition "Changing Perceptions and the Impact of Culture" which took place from January 23 to January 30, 2015 at the Design on Main Gallery in Ames, Iowa. The thesis exhibition explores the impact of culture on perception, as well as differences and similarities in human life-styles across the globe, with special focus on South Korea, Italy and the United States. The exhibition consists of 2-D artworks using printmaking and digital photography techniques. A few 3-D installations are paired with the 2-D digital photographs.

This thesis documents the main ideas and concepts that underlie the exhibition artworks. The artist tries to emphasize the reality behind the oftentimes superficial surface of what we see, juxtaposing contrasting lifestyles between the rich and the poor. She stresses that by changing our perception of "taking-for-granted" what we see on the surface, we can begin to understand each other, leading to positive changes of our behavior, attitudes and beliefs. This paper shows the progress and development of the artist's work over a five year time period, including the methods, processes, artistic and cultural influences that contribute to the creation of her unique artworks.


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Sodam Lee



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