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Master of Science


Genetics, Development and Cell Biology


Plant Biology

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Yanhai Yin


Brassinosteroids (BRs) are involved in diverse developmental processes such as cell elongation, vascular differentiation, senescence and stress response. The mechanisms and regulatory networks of BR-regulated plant growth and development have been well described for the past decade with the identification of receptors, kinases and central transcription factors involved in BR signaling. Recent studies revealed BRs also extensively participated in plant response to environmental stresses, although the mechanisms of BR-regulated stress response is largely unknown. Coordination of plant growth and stress response requires integration of multiple signaling output through hormonal crosstalk. Studies of BR signaling pathway and BR-mediated physiological responses indicate there are intensive interactions between BRs and other phytohormones such as auxin, abscisic acid, jasmonic acid and ethylene. This study aims to unravel the function and regulatory mechanisms of BRs in abiotic stresses, particularly drought stress, through the investigation of the crosstalk between BR and drought/ABA signaling pathways. Through genetic, genomic and biochemical assays, we identified a transcription factor RESPONSIVE TO DESSICATION 26 (RD26) that mediates the the crosstalk between BR and ABA signaling pathways, and proposed a regulatory model that coordinates plant growth and stress response.


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