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Master of Science


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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David C. Jiles

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Ravi M. Hadimani


Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is a novel non-invasive neuromodulation technique to treat human brain disorders such as depression, Parkinson's disease and PTSD. It uses pulsed currents in the coils to generate time varying magnetic field which induce eddy currents in the conductive tissues of human brain. Recently, there are several research publications in the field of TMS, specifically on coil designs, clinical trials and some in-vivo animal studies.

Even though FDA has approved TMS technique to treat depression , the basic mechanism or how does the neural tissue react to TMS is still not well understood. Therefore, conducting in-vitro study on TMS will enable researchers to understand how TMS has influence on neural cells and neural tissue growth rate, morphology, axon length and other factors. In this work, I have conducted experiments on effect of TMS on N27 dopaminergic neural cells, from an immortal cell line of rat, to investigate the effect on cell's growth rate. This study results will enable neuroscientist to understand the mechanism of TMS on neural cells.

As a part of TMS project, I have also worked on the development of TMS helmet design. Due to the limitation of patient's head size and rapid decaying rate of magnetic field away from coil surface, designing an efficient and compact coil system is highly needed to treat deep brain regions. We have developed a variable coil system with combination of fixed single coil on top and variable Halo coil to realize deep brain stimulation with automatic control system and graphic user interface (GUI). In the meantime, I also conducted thermal and mechanical analysis of new coil configuration to investigate heating effect and electromagnetic force on the whole coil system. This system can be used by the researchers or clinicians with relative ease, maintaining the accuracy of coil position relative to patients head.


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