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Doctor of Philosophy


Mechanical Engineering

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Pranav Shrotriya


Laser processing of ultra-hard materials is a relatively new field that have the potential to improve variety of products and different industries. This dissertation explores specific new development in this field through three main subjects: laser machining, laser deposition of thin film, and laser treatment. In laser machining of ultra-hard material, controlled crack propagation mechanism -as opposed to the typical ablation mechanism- was investigated, and micromachining of ultra-hard thin film was also observed. For the laser deposition of ultra-hard thin film, designing new microstructured materials was explored, and the utilization of the inherent particulate formation associated with the pulsed laser deposition process was proposed for the first time. After that, a novel laser/waterjet treatment process to increase the hardness of certain ceramic materials was studied. Also, laser shock processing was investigated. Analytical and experimental approaches was conducted through all of these studies, and different analysis techniques were applied. The results indicate the feasibility of these processes when applied on ultra-hard materials, and provide a better understanding of the governing mechanisms.


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Ammar Abdulghani Melaibari



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233 pages