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Master of Fine Arts


Art and Design

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Çigdem Akkurt


What I hope to accomplish with this thesis is an exploration into the process of making home during relocation, and the characteristics it takes on as a statement of value, where the individual and culture meet. As a person currently going through this transitional phase, I will be using myself as the research subject, documenting changes that my space and I undergo as home is made, the process that leads to stable, familiar shelter. To study this process, I will be using visual autoethnography. I will take a deep look at the everyday habits that makes private dwelling what it is and what makes me, as a creature of this earth, an indweller, a settler, a maker of home. By making photographic excursions to nearby residential neighborhoods, I wish to understand what happens to the meaning of home as one gains knowledge about the new context outside the front door. I imagine this will be a simultaneous journey of self awareness and place acceptance.


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Tessia Laryn Rockey



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