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Master of Science


Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

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Stuart J. Birrell


Corn stover is a crop residue that can be converted into a renewable fuel. A single pass dual stream biomass harvester can collect a clean product that a biorefinery can use. Typically, if corn stover is collected, a second pass baler is used, which collects any material that is available to it. On hillsides, this would result in not enough ground cover remaining to prevent erosion. Another method to collect corn stover uses a single pass dual stream biomass harvester that collects both corn grain and corn stover. Again, this method would result in hillsides not receiving enough ground cover to prevent erosion. A real time variable rate corn stover collection control system on a single pass dual stream biomass harvester would adjust the corn stover return rate in order to return more material to the ground on hillsides and collect more material in other areas where not as much material is needed on the ground. To do this, a program was developed to determine the optimal corn stover prescription return rate based on erosion management and organic matter management. Secondly, a control system was developed to return a specified amount of corn stover to the ground. These two systems were integrated in order to return the necessary amount of material to the ground where it is needed in real time.


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Daniel Kent Murray



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