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Master of Science


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Manimaran Govindarasu


Experimental testbeds play an important role in spearheading the advancements in any given field, be it technology testbeds, energy testbeds, manufacturing testbeds or transportation testbeds. Each of the testbeds has their own resources and capabilities but a lot more can be achieved if they are not as disconnected as they are. When two or more testbeds form a federation, the federated testbed offers more in terms of functionality and resources, thereby opening more possibilities and avenues of research. This thesis is based on the federation of a cyber-physical security testbed located in Iowa State University, PowerCyber, to a cyber-security testbed located in University of Southern California, DETERLab. This work is meant to address the milestones and challenges pertaining to the implementation, configuration and use-case scenarios of a Federated Testbed of this nature.

This thesis primarily discusses the architectural design of the proposed Federated Testbed and discusses the milestones involved in its implementation. Further, this work also portrays the functionality of the Federated Testbed post-implementation through a use-case scenario, in order to showcase the experimental capabilities of the testbed. This work also goes on to evaluate the Federated Testbed's metrics in terms of latency and volume of packet loss between the two testbed environments, PowerCyber and DETERLab and also compares the results to previous results in a non-federated environment. Finally, future work is suggested and conclusions are listed.


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Anirudh Pullela



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53 pages