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Master of Science


Mechanical Engineering

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Judy M. Vance


Having an accurate measurement of the weight of a vehicle payload is important, when moving material. An accurate knowledge of the payload can increase efficiency during material transportation, by ensuring the maximum payload is being moved. Many existing weight measurement systems exist but are often costly, add significant weight, or increase operating time. An improved dynamic weight measurement system to estimate the weight of a payload inside of a container is proposed in this research. Using pressure transducers and angle sensors on a lifting linkage, the weight of a payload is calculated in constant motion, which minimizes any time loss due to measurements. A math model was developed, and the results were simulated to determine the major contributing factors that affect the pressure. An experimental setup was used to test the effects that pressure has on three variables: velocity, center of gravity, and weight. The results showed that each of the experimental variables could be independently varied and had an effect on the cylinder pressure.


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Ryan McCleish



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