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Master of Science


Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering


Sustainable Agriculture

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Daniel S. Andersen


As agricultural production increases and demands for more sustainable production rise, it becomes necessary to develop and improve best management practices that allow farmers to efficiently utilize their inputs while minimizing unwanted losses. In addition to this, farmers must utilize recommendations in a way that is economically beneficial to their operation. Large-scale animal production needs improved best management practices because of the complexities involved. Animal manure is a valuable fertilizer for crop production, but effective utilization requires knowledge of the manure’s nutrient content and retaining as much of the nutrients as possible in the manure. This thesis explores two different possible best management practices recommended for manure management: testing manure for nutrient content and treating manure with an additive called More than Manure. Based on the research, it showed that testing manure for nutrient content is an economically and environmentally beneficial recommendation, while using More than Manure did have a positive effect at ammonia retention, it was not sufficient economic benefit to justify use.

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Kelsey B. Regan



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