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Master of Fine Arts


Art and Design

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Andrea Quam


We live in a world where technology is woven into nearly every aspect of our

lives. From the moment we wake, we are surrounded by technology. Technology is

present in our homes, careers and schools, incorporating itself in our daily routines,

entertainment and education. Due to the speed at which technology has evolved, little

research has been completed regarding reading on interactive enhanced eBooks. For

children learning to read in the modern world, eBooks provided on tablets are becoming a

common occurrence.

With this increase of eBook availability, it is of utmost importance that a better

understanding is gained over eBooks for young readers. Currently, a categorization of the

types of interactive enhanced eBooks does not exist, nor a thorough understanding of the

interactions within them. This thesis suggests the necessity of categorizing the nature of

children’s eBooks, and better understanding the varied interactive experiences within

them. This research is imperative for graphic designers to have the proper knowledge to

create eBooks that create an effective, engaging experience for readers.

Never in history have educators; graphic designers and scholars had the

opportunity to work together to create an enhanced learning experience. This thesis

examines existing eBooks for early readers through a field survey and an observational

case study of current eBook interactions.


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Karen Marie Doty



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96 pages