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Master of Science


Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

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Richard T. Stone


Objective: To determine the effect of 3D-game team building on team performance and team interaction.

Subjects and Methods: Between April and May 2015, 13 teams including 39 adult participants were randomly assigned to take designed TBE based on Minecraft, dialogue technique or free conversation no more than 15 minutes. Then they are required to work out a 3D puzzle. The puzzle completion time was recorded. Participants rated the team learning and interaction via TLQ after each exercise or task.

Results: Teams who experienced 3D-game TBE didn’t show significant higher performance in terms of TLQ scores and puzzle completion time than those who did not .There were small significant differences in terms of dialog promotion and open communication, and collaborative learning between 3D-game and dialog tech teams.

Conclusion: The effect of 3D-game TBE on TLQ scores and puzzle completion time was not significant, but it influenced the stability of puzzle completion time. The designed 3D-game team building focus on enhancing teammates’ willing of communication while dialogue technique focused on creating the atmosphere of collaborative learning.


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