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Master of Fine Arts


Art and Design

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Fred Malven


The purpose of this research is to investigate the phenomenon of lifestyle retail. How it’s accomplished in today’s consumer driven landscape? And, more importantly, how its practice can assist brick and mortar retailers in driving consumer behavior.

Further, we will discuss the principal strategies that guide this distinctive business application. We will look at brands through the prism of both: The Experience Economy and Sensory Branding to determine what structural tenants, processes and guidelines are practiced to build a memorable lifestyle retail experience.

The final component to the research is a proposed solution for independent retailers. In it, we will discuss the principles of lifestyle retail and how changing the physical environment can transform the customer experience and thus positively affect overall business performance.

This study utilizes: Literature Review, Case Study and Content Analysis to explore the application of lifestyle retail within the construct of today’s consumer marketplace. Data was collected from all aforementioned methodologies.

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Nichole R. Staker



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