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Curriculum and Instruction

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Denise Crawford


This research study sought to answer two research questions: 1) How do K-12 teachers perceive that their pedagogical approaches change or remain the same after being involved in a 1:1 program? and 2) What factors do K-12 teachers identify that impact or prevent pedagogical change? The researcher adapted sections of Becker and Anderson (1999)’s Teaching Learning, and Computing Teacher Survey. The instrument was distributed online by email and included 166 responses from teachers who had worked in a school with a 1:1 program for at least one year. Sixty-five percent (65%) of the participants believed that their pedagogical practices had changed as a result of being involved with a 1:1 program. The teachers provided classroom examples of how their classrooms had become more student-centered, their role became that of a facilitator, and they began to employ more project-based learning in their classrooms. Teachers reported that the biggest challenges they faced included the distraction of students by technology, a lack of training for teachers and students, and observed weaknesses in the technology infrastructure of schools. The teachers felt that the training of teachers and students, support for all parties, and careful planning of the technology infrastructure are important factors for helping teachers and students succeed in such programs.


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