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Doctor of Philosophy


Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

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Natasha Croom


This theoretical research project examines research and literature utilizing different critical lenses to assist in promoting alternative ethnoracial understandings of Latin@ness in the context of higher education. This dissertation sought to problematize and complement how Latin@ student identity development theory and Latin@ Critical Theory are framed and used, and fuses different theoretical bodies of scholarly work to help reveal gaps in current literature that fill a significant void in, and complement current literature on Latin@ identity and culture. This project consist of varying conversations between Latin@ cultural formation, Latin@ oriented theoretical lenses, postcolonialism, antiracism, whiteness and higher education, to contribute new rearticulated conceptual understandings about the interrelationship between these bodies of scholarship that shape these discourses. The dissertation consists of three different, yet related articles situated in critical analysis, each seeking to mark representations of whiteness in Latin@ culture to unveil representations of whiteness in, and make visible how whiteness operates within Latin@ culture.

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Michael Benitez Jr.



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208 pages