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Patrick Armstrong


In this study, lists of traits typically associated with several groups of students were created using empirically supported methods. Specifically, these traits were grouped into a taxonomy based on the extent to which they were classified as being stereotypical for male student-athletes, female student-athletes, male non-athlete students, female non-athlete students, masculine individuals, feminine individuals, athletes, and non-athletes. The purpose behind this study was to create lists of stereotypes associated with the above categories to address the methodological limitations of measures used previous research in sport psychology stereotypes. Results obtained using intraclass correlation measures of interrater agreement, chi-square and proportion analyses of forced-choice card sort data, and reliability analyses of stereotype ratings indicated support for a stereotype taxonomy encompassing each of these distinct groups. Additionally, the psychometrically based methods used in this study could provide a template for categorizing trait-adjectives about specific groups in more reliable and valid ways in many areas of psychology. The information from this specific study may be useful for future studies when determining applicable stereotypes to use for stereotype threat, perceptions of student-athletes, and perceptions of personality.

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