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Doctor of Philosophy


Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

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Soko Starobin


The focus of this quantitative study was academic engagement of international students at community colleges. By highlighting the role of cultural heritage in students’ engagement preferences, this study sought to create a culturally sensitive measurement model of academic engagement of international students linking research-based knowledge about college student engagement and the influence of culture on educational processes. The proposed culturally sensitive model of academic engagement of international students was tested against data from 184 international students at community colleges, and the results indicate a good fit. The findings suggest that academic engagement of international students can be defined as a construct of interactive and noninteractive academic engagement practices. The model also includes classroom experience, parental support, and persistence in academic pursuit as background factors linked to academic engagement of international students. The results are discussed with regard to their general theoretical implications for research on academic engagement of diverse student population and in relation to specific suggestions for educational leadership and practice.


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Elena Nefedova Dodge



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288 pages