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Master of Public Administration


Political Science


Public Administration

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Mack Shelley


Variables potentially affecting industrial member retention for Industry/University Cooperative Research Centers (I/UCRCs) were investigated. Multiple years of survey data collected by the I/UCRC Evaluation Project at North Carolina State University were used, specifically from the annual Process/Outcome Survey (POS) and Structural Information Report (SIR) completed by the industrial members and center administrators, respectively. Industrial member responses to the POS were used to identify if intent to renew membership is predicted by variables such as member benefits. Center structural characteristics reported by the SIR were used to identify if membership retention can be predicted by variables such as funding and center age. Perceived member benefits were found to predict intent to renew membership. Membership retention for a given center was found to be predicted by whether a center is charged indirect fees by their university on membership fees, the number of center research sites, additional industry funding, and center age. Practical suggestions for member retention for I/UCRCs are discussed, as well as suggestions for enhancing POS and Center Director Survey designs.

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Angela Bernadine Stone



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