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Education (Curriculum and Instructional Technology)

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Constance P. Hargrave


Inequalities in college access can be seen historically and in today’s society through low expectations and racism towards students of color. The gap in access to college for students of color can, in part, be attributed to a lack of information and engagement in the college-going process. There is a need for programs that actively engage students of color in the college-going process.

The purpose of this thesis is to illuminate the history and inequalities of college access in the United States and present a model for creating college access for students and families of color that is both collaborative and empowering. Iowa State University Science Bound, and its Countdown to College Program, fosters college access for students of color. The Countdown to College model was developed by the Science Bound program as a way to engage students and families in the college-going process in order to increase students of color enrollment and persistence in college.

Countdown to College is an academic year-long program to create college access for students of color who participate in Science Bound. It is designed as a college-going community among Science Bound participants, many of whom will be the first in their family to enroll in higher education. This college-going community is comprised of the high school seniors and their parents/family members, Science Bound staff, and university enrollment staff. The Countdown to College program provides an ongoing series of large group, small group, and individual interactions among members of this college-going community throughout the students’ senior year of high school to assist students and families in actualizing their college-going aspirations.


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