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Master of Science


Apparel, Events and Hospitality Management

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Lakshman Rajagopal


In a two-phase study, food safety in independently-owned Chinese restaurants in Iowa was explored. In phase one, 28 food safety inspectors from the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals completed a web-based questionnaire assessing challenges with conducting food safety inspections in independently-owned Chinese restaurants. Language and cultural barriers were identified as major challenges when conducting food safety inspections in independently-owned Chinese restaurants. Use of training in Chinese language and visual-based tools were considered as useful in addressing language and cultural differences between food safety inspectors and Chinese-speaking foodservice workers. In phase two, 56 Chinese-speaking foodservice workers participated in visual-based minimal-text food safety training. Most participants had not received any food safety training in their workplace (93.0%) but more than 50% indicated they practiced safe food handling behaviors. After intervention, attitude scores increased by 17.1% and knowledge scores increased by 52.1%. Findings from this study have implications for food safety educators, researchers, and inspectors to improve communication with Chinese-speaking foodservice workers and convey food safety messages in an easy to understand and succinct manner. This in turn can improve safe food handling practices and reduce the incidence of foodborne illness in independently owned Chinese restaurants.


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