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Doctor of Philosophy


Physics and Astronomy


Condensed Matter Physics

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Adam Kaminski


This dissertation consists of three parts. First, we study magnetic domains in $Nd_2Fe_{14}B$ single crystals using high resolution magnetic force microscopy (MFM). In addition to the elongated, wavy nano-domains reported by a previous MFM study, we found that the micrometer size, star-shaped fractal pattern is constructed of an elongated network of nano-domains about 20 nm in width, with resolution-limited domain walls thinner than 2 nm. Second, we studied extra Dirac cones of multilayer graphene on SiC surface by ARPES and SPA-LEED. We discovered extra Dirac cones on Fermi surface due to SiC 6 $\times$ 6 and graphene 6$\sqrt{3}$ $\times$ 6$\sqrt{3}$ coincidence lattice on both single-layer and three-layer graphene sheets. We interpreted the position and intensity of the Dirac cone replicas, based on the scattering vectors from LEED patterns. We found the positions of replica Dirac cones are determined mostly by the 6 $\times$ 6 SiC superlattice even graphene layers grown thicker. Finally, we studied the electronic structure of MoTe$_2$ by ARPES and experimentally confirmed the prediction of type II Weyl state in this material. By combining the result of Density Functional Theory calculations and Berry curvature calculations with out experimental data, we identified Fermi arcs, track states and Weyl points, all features predicted to exist in a type II Weyl semimetal. This material is an excellent playground for studies of exotic Fermions.


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Lunan Huang



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