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Master of Fine Arts


Graphic Design


Graphic Design

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Alex Braidwood


The intersection of sound and design is an exciting and complex space for artistic experimentation and research. My approach for this work was to design, write, record and mix seven podcast episodes that narrate my analysis and interpretation of how we listen to sounds and interpret their meaning. Each episode is dedicated to one topic, and presents multiple sound samples that illustrate my take on the subject. The episodes cover the basics of listening, how sound conveys information about objects in environments and how soundscapes are ubiquitous. They include how the music, sounds and noises in film convey meaning, represent physical qualities and produce an emotional connection with viewers. I also introduce an episode on dynamic audio in video games, and the process of design conceptualization and artistic interventions to make simple sound-based prototypes for people to make sounds, play and enjoy. Furthermore, I introduce the story of a whistling language in the Canary Islands to illustrate the concept of “acoustic community,” and how soundmarks create meaning and a sense of belonging in a social group. I also present a sonic composition that uses speech, sounds, noises and music to create an artistic narrative. This project is the sum of experiments in my sonic journey; it is an audio documentary that uses the listener’s focal attention to create stories about listening.


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Julian Andres Osorio



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90 pages