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Master of Fine Arts


Graphic Design


Graphic Design

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Sunghyun R. Kang


Advances in the Internet have changed people’s traditional lifestyles with regard to getting information and buying products at home with only a few clicks. In response to this changed situation, many websites have been launched and are competing with each other. Therefore, since a main page design (MPD) is the first a viewer sees of a website, it is considered a significant factor in attracting people at a glance.

Service design is a form of design that necessary to improving the quality of the service and the provider-customer interactions. An effective website is one such component. This study researched a healthcare website MPD from the perspective of service design. Two new prototypes of MPD are developed, and three MPDs, including an existing MPD (design 1), were evaluated in the context of service design. Design elements such as color, image and typography were evaluated by use of kansei engineering methodology via online surveys.

In building a successful service design website, service, experience, and design elements should be harmonious. For healthcare websites, various colors, bright images, and appropriate typography need to be used.

Analyses of data from the two surveys recommend that use of several colors and bright images are suggested for “pleasant” and “attractive” impressions. To build “useful,” “helpful,” “healthcare” and “getting new benefits” impressions, the length of the website structure should be long. For “helpful,” “personal” and “trustworthy” impressions, images, length of the website structure and color are all vital. Although image is not crucial to arousing a “simple” emotion, it appears to be necessary for building “meaningful” impression.

Design 1 resulted in “healthcare,” “new benefits,” “useful,” “helpful” and “trustworthy” impressions, design 2, service design elements suggested by Dager (n.d.) and produced by the author, produced “helpful,” “trustful,” “pleasant,” “meaningful” and “attractive” impressions, and design 3, type-dominant, gave a “simple” impression.


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