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Doctor of Philosophy




Sustainable Agriculture

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Maximilian Viatori

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Jan Flora


This dissertation is about artisanal fishers in Chorrillos, a small bay near the southern edge of Lima, Peru, and how they use place as an instrument to defend their access to fishing resources on Peru's central coast. The context of this research work includes global neoliberal influences on the Peruvian state and the negotiation of global and local economics, politics, and social issues. Over the last decade, depletion in fish stocks has led to tensions between industrial and artisanal fishers, and demands from the industrial sector to reduce Peruvian state protections for artisanal fishers. Not only are Chorrillos's fishers dealing with these problems, but they also face pressures from urban elites and tourism developers who see the fishing dock, located in a highly desirable area of Lima, as a space that could be put to lucrative use for urban development projects. This study adds to the current literature on place-based activism by providing an ethnographically grounded account of the struggles of an urban community of artisanal fishers. The research looks at how artisanal fishers of Chorrillos construct and develop in their everyday life sustainable strategies for maintaining their cultural and socioeconomic status. Alternative policy pathways and guidelines useful to public officers and non-government actors to better interpret fishing regulations and to issue norms more in accord with the artisanal fishers' situation are provided. This dissertation will resonate broadly with scholars aiming to study marginal local communities in less-developed countries using interdisciplinary and creative frameworks. More specifically, while introducing fishers based in an urban setting as environmental and political activists, this research brings new elements to the Peruvian and Latin American scholarship on artisanal fishing.


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Héctor Andrés Bombiella Medina



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258 pages