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Master of Science


Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering


Industrial and Agricultural Technology

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Shweta Chopra


Industry engagement is used alongside classroom learning to provide students with the best possible learning experience before graduation. There are a variety of engagement activities which may be utilized by the instructor to help students learn and apply classroom content. Time and resources are used by both the instructor and the industry personnel to arrange the student activity. Thus, it is imperative that the activities used by instructors are providing students with the best possible learning experience. Approximately 75% of students graduating with a technology degree from Iowa State University are transfer students who come into the program sometime after their freshman year. Therefore, this study will focus on survey responses from the junior and senior classes. This thesis examines and defines what students learn from different industry engagement activities. Then, the seven activities are compared using t-tests, a Bonferroni adjusted alpha level, and the effect size of the difference of the mean scores, to determine which activity or activities are most effective at enhancing junior and senior learning. Based on the research, it showed that all industry engagement activities with the exception of professional organization involvement had a similar impact on student learning for juniors and seniors.


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