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Master of Science


Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication


Sustainable Agriculture

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Michael Dahlstrom

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Fred Kirschenmann


“Magically Modified Grimm’s” is a comedic fairy tale mash-up set in the world of 21st-century agriculture. Aimed at K-8 audiences, the play follows Jack, Goldilocks, Hansel, and Gretel as they grow “magically gigantified orbs” sold to them by the mysterious Mr. Wolfe. By combining storytelling, music, dance, and puppetry, the play is an entertaining and educational narrative that aims to spark critical thinking and meaningful dialogue about agriculture among adults and children alike. The play centers on a number of important agricultural topics such as biotechnology, public health, industrial processing, corporate consolidation, food sovereignty, economic inequality, and social justice. In exploring these components of the food system, “Magically Modified Grimm’s” can help provide today’s youth with the knowledge, excitement, and vocabulary needed to discuss some of our nation’s most pressing agricultural concerns.

While the main objective of “Magically Modified Grimm’s” is to promote agricultural literacy, many other topics serve as inspiration for the play. In constructing this thesis, the script is prefaced with two introductory chapters. The first examines how narrative can be used to communicate science and sustainability, while the second provides an overview of Iowa’s educational system, Experiential Learning Theory, and the power of fairy tales to teach children. The thesis then includes the “Magically Modified Grimm’s” script, followed by a curriculum overview outlining how the play can be used to meet state learning standards.


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Adam Blake Wright



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