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Lorenzo D. Baber


This study focused on building a profile of characteristics of community college (CC) athletics coaches in Iowa and on exploring the possible relationships among these characteristics. Using a mixed-method research design that incorporates SPSS quantitative analysis of a survey and seven semi-structured interviews, the research data draws a clearer picture of what these CC intercollegiate athletics coaches look like, what they do and go through in order to coach, and why they coach.

The major profile characteristics and variables of interest examined include: self-identity as teachers, job satisfaction, motivations, challenges, and perceived impact on student-athletes’ education. This study’s CC coaches are largely motivated to coach for intrinsic (they love and enjoy sports and coaching) and altruistic reasons (they want to mentor young people) rather than for extrinsic reasons (for money or benefits). Although most of these CC coaches coach part-time according to their salary, they put in around fifty hours per week in coaching related duties during their competitive seasons. The time demands associated with their having multiple jobs in addition to their coaching creates multi-role conflicts, especially for their family and personal lives. While intrinsic and altruistic motivations are powerful factors in their persisting in the coaching profession, the better they are able to cope with personal level challenges, the greater chance they will be satisfied in their job. Additionally, comparisons among various sub-groups of these CC coaches are explored (male and female coaches, assistant and head coaches, coaches of different career levels and of age levels, coaches of different squad sizes and different sport types, part-time and full-time coaches, coaches with extra jobs and without extra jobs, and coaches of different competition levels).

Keywords: community college, intercollegiate athletics, coaches, profile characteristics


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