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Doctor of Philosophy




Education; Human Computer Interaction

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Denise A. Schmidt-Crawford

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Ann D. Thompson


This dissertation investigates whether preservice teachers majoring in elementary education, in the context of a teacher preparation program at a higher education institution, develop technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK) with the goal of having the capacity to successfully integrate technology while planning instruction and teaching in PreK-6 classrooms. The dissertation is presented in a non-traditional format including an introduction, three manuscripts prepared for journal publication, and a concluding chapter.

The three journal articles tapped into the essential components surrounding the dissertation’s focus of preK-6 preservice teachers’ TPACK development during their teacher preparation program. The first article provided an extensive literature review examining the development of TPACK framework with a specific focus on assessing preservice teachers’ TPACK development via five different research methods (self-report, open-ended questionnaire, performance assessment, interview, and observation). The second article actively explored preK-6 preservice teachers’ development of technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK) through triangulated assessments after completing a series of required content methodology courses. The third article utilized case study approach to investigate how prepared a preservice teacher is to use technology within literacy content instruction during a practicum experience.

The three articles provided an analysis of the relevant literature and thoroughly explored the research questions that were posed. A thorough data analysis provided evidence regarding the impact of teacher preparation program experience on preservice teachers’ TPACK development. In general, main conclusions can be drawn from this study. These include the following: technology integration modeling or scaffolding from teacher preparation program instructors and field instructors can enhance preservice teachers’ overall TPACK development, the need of continuing longitudinal study to keep track of preservice teachers’ TPACK development during teacher preparation program, and close relationship of pedagogical-related knowledge development and methodology courses. Method courses provide the opportunity for preservice teachers to learn more about content-specific pedagogical approaches and teach in real classrooms.


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Wei Wang



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