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Master of Science


Electrical and Computer Engineering


Information Assurance

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Doug W. Jacobson


Network security has always had an issue with secure authentication and identification. In the current mixed device network of today, the number of nodes on a network has expanded but these nodes are often unmanaged from a network security perspective. The solution proposed requires a paradigm shift, a recognition of what has already happened, identity is for sale across the internet. That identity is the users’ network ID, their behavior, and even their behavior in using the networks. Secondly a majority of the devices on the Internet have been fingerprinted. Use of device fingerprinting can help secure a network if properly understood and properly executed. The research into this area suggests a solution. Which is the use of device fingerprints including clock skews to identify the devices and a dual- authentication process targeted at authenticating the device and the user. Not only authenticating the identity presented but also combining them into a unified entity so failure to authenticate part of the entity means the whole is denied access to the network and its resources.

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Paul Eugene Manning



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