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Master of Fine Arts


Art and Visual Culture


Integrated Visual Arts

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Kimberly Moss

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John Cunnally


The aim of this study is to compare three different identity profiles that people make use of in order to observe new patterns of identity in our digital age. The first is a physical profile based on age and location, the second is a digital profile established with Facebook profile pictures, and the third is a collection of "junk mail" indicating an advertised profile. The purpose of these comparisons is to bring attention to the many elements of identity we have today. A visual installation of the information collected through this research will provide a unique experience where viewers are able to interact with works of art representing the many layers of self. The intention of this artwork is for the viewer to question how they might be perceived or at least consider identity in a rapidly changing and interconnected world. This experiment in data rendering will bring together the sciences and arts in order to discuss the significance visuals have in information conveyance.

Furthermore, identity is an increasingly grey area with blurring lines attempting to define who a person is. Utilizing data collection in order to produce a work of art integrates concepts of information design with artistic expression. By changing the ways in which we observe data, new concepts of understanding that data may be achieved. An art gallery is intended to share information by providing cultural experiences to viewers. The same gallery could potentially be used as a platform for public discussion on data findings. This research will explore the concept of a data based art gallery experience by displaying the results of the study integrated with fine art practices.


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Glenn Allen Terpstra



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