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Doctor of Philosophy


Aerospace Engineering


Aerospace Engineering

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Christina L. Bloebaum


The design of Large-Scale Complex Engineered Systems (LSCESs) is an undertaking that requires large organizations made up of several teams of individuals, often spread over a significant geographical area. The structures of these organizations affect the design process of these engineered systems where design processes affect the products on which they are applied. Previous work has aptly demonstrated the improvements in design products where Value-Driven Design (VDD) is practiced, by capturing stakeholder preferences in value functions when using Multidisciplinary Design Optimization (MDO) frameworks to design complex systems. Organization structures, which are an essential part of Organization Design (OD), have been studied to understand the role that these structures play on resource management and utilization.

This research invokes the augmentation of systems engineering by the inclusion of OD via the addition of organization structure attributes and parameters to the value function for complex engineered systems. This allows for a platform where system design involves an objective evaluation of systems where the systems are defined not only by their physics-based characteristics but also by the processes that are used to design these very systems. Further, information on coupling strengths is investigated as a means to gain insight on how coupling suspension affects system value where the value function of a system includes organization attributes and parameters as well as traditional physics-based parameters, variables and attributes. Finally, this work proposes the capturing of trust placed on information by decision makers and how that affects the overall system value given the contribution of product and process as mentioned above.


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