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Master of Science


Electrical and Computer Engineering


Electrical Engineering

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Nicola Bowler


In this paper, an analysis is carried out concerning the behavior of the electric field when a line current is

extracted/injected perpendicularly into a uniaxially anisotropic half-space. Such a solution enables characterization of uniaxially anisotropic materials using alternating current methods. This problem has previously

been solved for the case of an isotropic half space. This paper follows a parallel development to that presented

by Bowler [J. Appl. Phys., 96, 4607-4613, 2004] in which a transverse magnetic potential formulation was

employed to derive an analytic solution for the electric field and alternating current potential drop measured

by a four-point probe in contact with an isotropic half-space conductor. Here, the case when conductivity is

given by a diagonal matrix quantity is treated. This is done by first solving for the electric field in the case of

a single wire, and then using superposition to obtain the electric field on the conductor surface with two wires

representing the current injection/extraction seen in a four-point probe. Finally, an analytical expression for

the potential drop measured between the pick-up pins of the probe is given.


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Tyler Douglas Antony



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35 pages