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Background: Schools around the United States are implementing costly school-wide 1:1 iPad programs to support student learning. Technology integration in schools has the potential to influence teachers to include more student-centered approaches. Student-centered approaches can be defined as methods of teaching and learning that place more responsibility on students. Numerous studies suggest that key elements of student-centered approaches incorporate student activity and engagement into the learning process. The increase in access to technology that is afforded students by school-wide 1:1 iPad programs can potentially bring about a change in teacher practices.

Purpose: The primary purpose of this study was to understand the perceptions of high school teachers regarding their experience with 1:1 iPad programs related to teacher practices.

Setting: One Midwest high school that implemented a 1:1 iPad program.

Participants: High school teachers within the school-wide 1:1 iPad program.

Research Design: Phenomenological interviews and classroom observations.

Data collection and analysis: Interviews, classroom observations, ongoing data analysis with coding, and document analysis were all used.

Findings: 1:1 iPad Programs changed teacher practices in the areas of constructivist approaches, improved lesson planning through teacher collaboration and the ability for teachers to formatively assess. Constructivist teaching lead to less lecture based teaching and more student activity and engagement in the learning process.

Conclusions: The results could provide potential evidence to support a 1:1 iPad program to change teacher practices among other factors.

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