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Matthew W. Sivils


This analysis focuses on the system of subjugation present in the 21st century dystopian narratives The Hunger Games and The Windup Girl to show the dual entrapment of women and nature. The first step of the system of subjugation, lack of resources, manifests in both of the texts and points to the environmental justice underpinnings of the texts. Through close analysis of the type and breadth of the environmental injustices suffered, this lack of resources leads to the second step in the system of subjugation: objectification. Because of the need of resources those in power exploit, women are then seen and used as objects, as does the environment surrounding the women. Those in power use women and nature as resources through their objectification. This objectification of women and nature leads to their manipulation, which is the third step in the system of subjugation. This manipulation can be physical, mental, sexual, or emotional in nature and the manipulation can permeate into how community members perceive women and the natural surroundings. Because perception relates to representation, I focus on the current constructs of representation and their tie to the patriarchal system. This type of representation and the expectations tied to wifedom, motherhood, and daughterdom continue to fuel the system of subjugation. This analysis reveals the holes in current movements that claim to improve the situation of women and nature and it also points to the power of the on-going system of subjugation.


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