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Master of Fine Arts


Graphic Design


Graphic Design; Integrated Visual Arts

First Advisor

Paul Bruski

Second Advisor

Teresa Paschke


This thesis is the written component of the Master of Fine Arts describing the body of work created and subsequently exhibited as Left/Over Objects, which took place at The Gallery in the Round, Ames, Iowa from March 25-May 18, 2018. These works examine the effect of using found objects in order to derive concepts as the basis for the making of art. It also investigates the symbolic form of everyday objects and the relationships we build with them. Objects and visual analysis are used to inform the artwork which consists of sculptural objects, video, and collage. The artist incorporates found objects: text, imagery, clothing, and textiles. Using found items, the artist appropriates and remixes pieces to highlight the message of objects in our daily lives. Stereotypes of value, class, and taste as well as political issues are addressed as they are represented by particular objects. By considering everyday objects the artist explores their meaning and offers a new “recycled” role for ordinary objects.

Contained in this document are the intentions and methodology of the artist. It includes descriptions of the intention of the artwork, the making processes, and the materials used. Influential concepts, artists, and artistic movements are included to establish precedence and provide context for the artwork.


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Kristina Rice



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49 pages