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Mechanical Engineering

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Greg R. Luecke


The visual field test is used to detect areas on the retina where there is a loss of vision. The equipment used to conduct the test is bulky and can cost a significant amount to patients to take the test. Google Cardboard is an inexpensive headset which is paired with a mobile phone to run virtual reality applications. In this work, a visual field screening test is developed to enable people to do an eye exam with a low-cost and portable device such as a Google Cardboard and a smart phone. The Google Cardboard application helps reduce the cost of performing a visual field test by enabling a patient to do a self-administered visual field test before going into a clinic or hospital to do a more detailed eye exam. The patient can perform the test at home and with greater frequency, indications of advancing vision loss can be identified and treated earlier to prevent any irreversible damage to the eye caused by diseases.

There is an increase in demand for virtual reality products due to its affordability, portability, and accessibility. It is making a significant impact in many industries, including the healthcare industry. Virtual reality can assist with patient rehab, simulate surgeries to train doctors, treating PTSD [1]. In this project, a Google Cardboard application is developed to perform a visual field screening test. A set of lights arranged in a 7 x 7 grid is switched on and off randomly. The user presses the button on the Google Cardboard headset and data is recorded in the application as to which light the user sees or not. This data is plotted and is helpful in evaluating any defect in the visual field of the patient. This application of low-cost and portable VR headsets can significantly reduce time and cost for taking visual field tests because such a device is accessible even in remote areas of the world where bulky medical equipment is limited.


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