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Master of Community and Regional Planning


Community and Regional Planning


Community and Regional Planning

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Carlton Basmajian


The study of travel behavior is one of the key areas in the field of transportation planning. However, there is has been limited research on the travel behavior of university population. With the help of analyzing the travel behavior of university population including students and employees, this study attempts to answer the following questions: (i) what are the modal choices of the students and employees in a rural university setting? (ii) how employees and university students from the same university are different in terms of travel behavior? (iii) what are the influencing factors or determinants of the travel pattern of the above mentioned population, and how do they affect? (iv) what are the current attitudes toward public transportation? Is there an observed willingness to switch from private cars to public transport? Two surveys were designed to collect the primary data from the students and the employees. Additionally, GIS data was collected from CyRide, Ames city bus system. Descriptive Statistical Analyses and Multinomial Logistic Regression Analysis were performed to understand the different factors that affect travel behavior in the two populations and how they affect the same. A comparative analysis between the two samples was also included. GIS analysis was performed to identify the possible area of improvements. Policy recommendations were provided based on the interpretation of the results.

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