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Crop Production and Physiology

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Susana Goggi

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Silvia Cianzio


Soybean production has grown over the years and soybean has become one of the main crops in the world. Protecting and advancing soybean production has become a main goal for soybean producers and breeders. The following chapters look at the soybean-pest interaction for one of the leading soybean diseases called Fusarium virguliforme. that causes sudden death syndrome (SDS) in soybean, and potential genetic regions controlling seed quality traits. Chapter two compares Fusarium virguliforme, Fv inoculated fields vs non-inoculated fields for soybean agronomic and seed quality traits. SDS is one of the leading soybean pests in the United States. This study found an increase in seed protein content due to SDS, which has not previously been reported. Chapter three explores quantitative trait loci (QTL) in two soybean populations controlling the seed quality traits of germination, vigor, weight, protein, and oil content of Fv inoculated and non-inoculated environments. This study identified 168 QTL for seed quality of which many were novel QTL. Of these, there were 14 QTL identified for seed vigor and 54 for germination. To-date, published research shows that only three QTL have been identified for seed germination and no QTL for seed vigor in soybean have been previously reported. Chapter three also found different QTL expressions in the same genomic regions of the Fv inoculated and non-inoculated environments, which has not been reported. Seed oil, seed protein, and seed weight are important traits for consumers of soybean seed. Seed germination and vigor are important traits to producers of soybean. The QTL switching due to the Fv environments could give an idea of which genes are influenced by Fv. The results from this research help advance our knowledge in soybean-pest interactions and may be used to enhance world-wide production of soybean.

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