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Doctor of Philosophy


Theses & dissertations (College of Business)


Business and Technology

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Joey F. George


This work combines two studies, both identifying indicators of deception through the analysis of the visual attention of a veracity judge. using eye tracking. In the first study, we investigated the effect of the varying media modes on detection accuracy through the analysis of the visual behavior of veracity judges. We employed eye tracking technology to understand where the judges looked at and what impact their visual foci had on their detection performance. We found that the visual foci of the judges varied as a result of the message veracity and media modes. Judges fixated longer and more frequently on the mouth and the torso of the communicators in deceptive messages. In video-only modes, the judges fixated longer on the mouth of the sender. Fixation frequency on the eyes and the mouth of the sender worsened deception detection accuracy. In the second study, we investigated the reading behavior of veracity judges when presented with honest and deceptive statements produced in high-stake, real-life scenarios with potential negative consequences for the individuals who produced those statements. We found that the reading metrics of veracity judges varies across honest and dishonest statements and the linguistic cues that the judges focus on have an effect on deception detection performance.

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