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Master of Science


Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology


Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

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James T. Colbert


A lichen diversity survey of White Pine Hollow State Preserve in Dubuque County, Iowa, was conducted. The study revealed the presence of 117 different lichens, which, when combined with previous records, leads to a total of 147 lichens reported for the preserve. The lichens observed in this study included 13 previously unreported lichens for the State of Iowa and three reported on only one prior occasion. This increases the number of lichens reported for the State of Iowa to a total of 478 from the previous estimate of 465.

The lichen Lobaria pulmonaria (L.) Hoffm. was not amongst the lichens observed, although White Pine Hollow was the location of one of the last known collections of this lichen in Iowa. Lobaria pulmonaria is an old-growth specialist that suffered major declines throughout the 1900s and is currently decreasing in North America – including its range in northeast Iowa. Efforts were made to propagate L. pulmonaria in a greenhouse setting as a means of providing insight to whether a reintroduction of this lichen to its historic range in Iowa might be feasible. Asexual propagules, including soredia and isidia, and young thalline lobes were applied to bark from White Pine Hollow and monitored for 12 months under greenhouse conditions. At the conclusion of the study, no growth had occurred in any of the treatments. Given the lack of growth in treatments on the control substrate and worsening condition of the adult thallus controls, it is likely that the unsuccessful result of this study is due to procedural aspects or greenhouse conditions as opposed to an incompatibility of L. pulmonaria with bark from White Pine Hollow. The difficulty in propagating L. pulmonaria under controlled conditions emphasizes the need for greater protection efforts for this lichen, as well as others, in locations where they remain present.

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