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Purchasing souvenirs from a foreign country is a way for tourists to preserve a memory of travel or bestow as a gift to others. Souvenirs are one of the prevalent elements that promote the identities of cultures. The purchasing preferences of souvenirs are influenced by various attributes, such as local branding, and packaging features. Therefore, distinctive souvenir packaging design can both communicate the identity of the culture and attract consumers’ attention. In addition to the basic purposes of containing, protecting, identifying, and distinguishing products, souvenir packages can deliver a cultural representation. Effective souvenir package design can be a way to promote a culture. Each culture has its unique features that attract tourists, such as famous landmarks and traditions, and packaging design can help to advertise these features. While the souvenir itself is a significant item for tourists to purchase, the packaging of the souvenir can include elements for communicating information about the culture and attracting tourists’ attention. Thus designing souvenir packages is a way to develop cultural representation in the tourism market and promote local products to the world.

Because souvenir packaging can represent the culture itself, it can serve to show the identity of the culture and allow people to know more about it. Developing the packaging design of souvenirs can therefore increase awareness of the culture internationally.

Although many countries have distinctive identities, a country such as Taiwan struggles with an ambiguous identity and a lack of international visibility; most people from other countries are not familiar with Taiwan. Developing more distinctive and recognizable packaging for Taiwanese souvenirs is a way to present its uniqueness to people from other countries. A good packaging design for souvenirs could have a strong impact on people that would be valuable for both the product and the country.

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