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Doctor of Philosophy


Apparel, Events and Hospitality Management


Hospitality Management

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Liang Tang


Sustainable hotel practices focus on minimizing the negative impact of hospitality operations on the environment and the global climate. Hotels are resource demanding utilizing more water and electricity and generating more solid waste per person than in a residential setting. Public concern over environmental degradation is growing in step with consumer demand for sustainable business practices. This study employed the theory of planned behavior to understand better the underlying motivations of hotel guests to engage in the sustainable efforts of hotel practitioners. Structural equation modeling was used to empirically investigate what drives guest motivations toward participation in sustainable hotel practices and what the effect is on guest satisfaction and loyalty formation. Many hotel brands offer loyalty points or discount vouchers as an encouragement to guests to participate in sustainable practices. Aligned with the theory of planned behavior, the structural equation analysis revealed consumer attitude toward a behavior, subjective norm, and perceived behavioral control positively affect intention to engage in sustainable practices. Consumer concern for the environment, subjective norms, hedonic beliefs, and self-image congruence were evaluated as positive, motivating variables toward engagement in sustainable practices, along with the actual act of engaging in sustainable practices. The effects of engaging in sustainable practices on guest satisfaction and attitudinal loyalty were evaluated as well as the moderating effect of involving guests in sustainable practices. The study revealed customers’ intrinsic motivations were more significant in motivating them to engage in sustainable activities than external rewards. The discussion includes reflections on managerial and theoretical implications.

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