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Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering


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Nir Keren

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Warren Franke


Little attention has been devoted to the significant amount of stress under which jailer or referred to in this document correctional officer’s work. A limited number of studies address stress in correctional; moreover, a literature review failed to identify the relationship between stress in correctional officers and career-related decisions. The purpose of the study was to identify relationships between perceived life and occupational stress and the utility of stress in career-related decision making. A stress questionnaire that included life and work-related stress instruments along with a simulation of career decision tasks was distributed to frontline county correctional officers within the state of Iowa. Results indicated life and occupational stress did not play a significant role in decision making for correctional officers who completed the decision-making task. Similarly, the utility of stress was not significantly different from that of other decision dimensions.

A focus group questionnaire was developed to augment the results from the study. This focus group session will help delve into the relationships between stress and decision making in future research.

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