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Master of Science


Electrical and Computer Engineering


Computer Engineering; Information Assurance

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Zhenqiang (Neil) Gong


Passwords have been the dominant single-factor authentication method for decades but are no longer sufficient to validate a user's identity. The simplistic nature of passwords perpetuate their existence and makes them an easy attack vector. However, Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) augments passwords and adds a layer of security. Although 2FA has the potential to increase security, traditional second factors require user interaction at every login attempt, which may contribute to slow adaptation. Traditional second factors drastically alter the user authentication experience and typically require the user to navigate away from the login screen. Therefore, we present a new second-factor method that leverages Bluetooth technology called Ambient-Discovery. Our protocol is designed to provide security assurances comparable to or greater than the traditional second factors while keeping the user experience the same as password-based authentication. There is no user interaction, as the second factor restricts communication between a mobile application and a computer browser. Therefore, Ambient-Discovery provides an additional layer of security while limiting user interaction.

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Cimone Le Wright-Hamor



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