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Master of Arts


Political Science


Political Science

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Mack C. Shelley


Many efforts to expand transportation options and structuring well-connected transportation including passenger rail networks were tried in the state of Iowa, but there were many difficulties in the way they were carried out. Previous studies do not focus on analytically explaining the rise and fall of the passenger rail expansion policy initiatives and identifying new factors which could be added in coupling trials in response to the future policy windows. To make progress on this problem, the Multiple Streams Framework (MSF) was applied to address the research questions motivating this thesis. The research design includes a case study to analyze the process of the rise and fall of the passenger rail expansion policy initiatives and a survey of young people’s transportation trends in Iowa to identify the new factors. Through all findings including the case study conclusions and the analysis of the survey results, it could be concluded that not only the changing transportation trends in the younger generation, which are different from the auto-dependency trends, but also the previous residency experience with public transportation alternatives could be possible new factors in coupling trials to open another transportation policy window in the political stream in the future.

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