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Doctor of Philosophy


Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering


Industrial and Agricultural Technology

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Gretchen A. Mosher


The construction industry is characterized by high fatality and injury rates. The dynamic nature of construction projects has exposed its workers to multiple safety hazards and risks, resulting to the high fatality and injury rates on sites. Agribusiness construction is a sub-classified area of the construction industry. Agribusiness construction incidents are thought to contribute to the high fatality and injury rates in the construction industry, yet little empirical work done to confirm this hypothesis. A lack of available data to address fatalities and injuries with specific focus on agribusiness construction sites has hindered many efforts to improve safety management within the industry. Worker safety hazards for agribusiness construction sites and their contributing factors are important in the development of tailored preventative safety measures to reduce safety incidents in the future. Because safety incident can be attributed to multiple factors, research on worker safety incidents must encompass the depth and breadth of the area, specifically concerning underlying contributing factors, through the application of effective research approach. This study aimed at identifying worker safety hazards commonly present at agribusiness construction sites and their contributing factors using a mixed method approach and fault tree analysis (FTA). Purposive sampling was utilized to gather sample. Industrial experts and academic professionals were approached to participate in semi-structured interviews and surveys. Participants were asked to identify worker safety hazards and their contributing factors during the interview sessions and then quantify and rank order the hazards and factors through the surveys. FTA was then used to further analyze the contributing factors to the worker safety hazard. The research results provide a better understanding of worker safety hazards occurring in agribusiness construction projects, identification of contributing factors to the hazards, and comparison of safety research data and census data relative to worker safety hazards in agribusiness construction industry. Safety professionals, construction companies, and training developers will be able to use the research results to develop safety plan tailored for agribusiness construction sites.

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