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Master of Science


Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering


Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

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Cameron A. Mackenzie


Undergraduate students often find it difficult to manage curriculum. Engineering

courses often require student to solve assignments and take in-class exams throughout the

semester that include solving complex practical applications which can be challenging,

one of the reasons being the time constraints. Additionally, the use of computers to solve

the real-world problems during in-class exams is demanding due to its set-up cost and

accommodation of large number of students at the same time. This thesis describes the

study of a large engineering class using a non-conventional testing method. Student

performance was evaluated using online testing modules with a stringent passing

criterion and the tests could be taken multiple times. The questions for each testing

attempt was pulled from a huge database so that students received a new question every

time. Student survey results indicated that most favored the online testing assessment

method. Our results show that students learned from their mistakes and their performance

improved by taking the test multiple times. We compared the performance of students on

the traditional assessment who took the course in the previous semester with the

performance of student on the online testing module. Our analysis shows that the students

earned better grades using the online tests than the students in their in-class exams. The

online assessment method could be useful in the large engineering courses that are

focused on formula-based curriculum.

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