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Doctor of Philosophy


Computer Science


Human Computer Interaction

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Carl K. Chang


Using mobile applications is one of the daily habits for most smartphone users. In order to select applications, individuals need to explore the apps stores. Apps’ exploration is disturbed by the way of illustrating the applications’ information. This dissertation consists of three studies that aimed to: 1) Investigate the users’ experience with the apps’ stores; 2) Collect the users’ needs and requirements in order to have a better experience with the interface of apps’ stores; 3) Propose and evaluate a new interface design for the apps’ stores. Different types of data collection methods were administered while proceeding with the phases of this dissertation.

The first study was an exploratory study, which administered an online survey, where we had102 respondents. The second study, aimed to collect the design requirements, and we interviewed 16 individuals. The third study was the interface evaluation, where we also had 35 participants. Our results showed multiple factors that affect users’ experience while discovering applications on the apps’ store. Our findings suggested that the current interface design of apps’ stores needs revisions to help users to be aware of apps’ emerging features and issues. Moreover, we found that visual cues that illustrate apps’ information would be more effective to help users perceive specific information about apps. Furthermore, visual indicators would enhance users’ knowledge regarding some of the apps’ concerns. At the end of this research, we evaluated a proposed interface design that integrates the previous design recommendations. The evaluation results illustrated positive outputs in terms of users’ satisfaction and task-completion rate. The findings indicated that participants were delighted to experience the new way of interaction with the interface of apps’ store. We anticipate that users’ experience and their awareness towards the apps issue would be improved if apps’ stores considered adopting the proposed design concept.

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Omar Ibrahim Y. Asiri



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